How to eat Pussy
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What you will learn with this eBook

The Female Anatomy

The Female Anatomy

You’ll be astounded at the complexity of female genitalia with our detailed illustrations and fascinating descriptions. Learn just how to work each and every spot on a woman to turn her on and have her coming back for more.

Foreplay for Oral Sex

Foreplay for Oral Sex

Turning on a woman is no longer a mystery. Read straightforward techniques and easy-to-implement tips and tricks that you can start using tonight to get your woman super wet for you.

Cunnilingus Sex Positions

Cunnilingus Sex Positions

Did you know that there are over 20 positions that are perfect for eating pussy? Find out just how to position your partner for her ultimate pleasure.

The Female Orgasm

The Female Orgasm

Unlike men, women can orgasm in a wide variety of ways. We’ll show you how to make your partner orgasm over and over again from clitoral, vaginal, blended, g-spot and anal orgasms. Woah!

Pussy Eating Techniques

Pussy Eating Techniques

With this comprehensive guide of pussy eating techniques, you’ll know just how to please each and every woman. A guaranteed must-read!

Warnings & Common problems

Warnings & Common problems

From hygiene to vaginal farts, you’ll learn everything you need to know to stay cool in new situations. And, bonus information on how to practice safe sex that’s enjoyable for everyone.

And much, much more…

Become a pussy eating Rockstar

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About the book

How To Eat Pussy Like A Rockstar will teach you just that—how to suck, lick and tease your partner to the most mind-blowing orgasms of her entire life. Discover the secrets to winning over any woman with the cunnilingus skills of a god with chapter after chapter of tips and tricks that you can start implementing tonight. Great for experienced lovers and beginners—everyone can learn something new from this definitive guide.
With down-to-earth language and easy to master tips and tricks, you’ll be eating pussy like a serious rockstar in no time. With this definitive guide you’ll learn more than just simple tongue tricks for how to eat pussy. We cover everything from foreplay to roleplay and hygiene to ensure that you get the girl. Of course, we’ll also show you a wide variety of tongue techniques, over 20 positions for eating pussy and loads ideas for extra kinky experimentation.

So, what are you waiting for? Start educating yourself with this how-to book and start reaping the benefits today. We guarantee your dates will keep coming back for more, which will boost your confidence and improve your love life!

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“Eating pussy like a real rockstar makes you nearly invincible. It doesn’t matter if you’re short, slightly overweight, hell, severely overweight, balding, or even old. It’s scientifically proven that having orgasms releases endorphins. Do you know what also releases endorphins? Heroin. Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs known to man. In other words, giving girls great orgasms is like getting them hooked on heroin—only you’re not getting them hooked on drugs. You’re getting them hooked on you.”

– Amy J. Fillmore

Chapter overview

  1. The female orgasm
    Learn how the female orgasm differs from the male orgasm and what you can do to make her cum in a multitude of ways. You’ll never think of the female orgasm the same way again after learning these amazing facts.
  2. The female anatomy
    Find out how every bit and bob of the female anatomy can be touched, teased, and licked to oral orgasm. We cover the entire female body—not just the pussy. Even experienced cunnilingus pros are guaranteed to learn something new!
  3. Taste and texture
    Every woman’s vagina is different. Get insider tips and tricks on how to appreciate and work with all types of tastes and textures to ensure that both you and your partner always enjoy yourselves.
  4. Foreplay for Oral sex
    Did you know that research proves that women need at least 20 minutes of foreplay to get ready for sex? Learn just how to spend those 20 minutes with foreplay techniques that are sure to get you hot and bothered. Just wait until you implement them!
  5. Techniques
    A huge variety of actionable tips and techniques for improving your oral game. You’ll be shocked to learn just how many things you can do with your tongue and mouth. Practice on a friend or a lover and try them all!
  6. Advanced Techniques
    Oh, so you’re ready to level up? These advanced techniques are guaranteed ways to up the excitement in your bedroom. Your lovers will be super impressed with your oral and sexual skills and will definitely come back for seconds!
  7. Variety and Positions
    Did you know there are over 20 positions for eating pussy? If you’re only eating pussy in the traditional way, you’re definitely missing out. Our fully illustrated guide will make your mouth drop!
  8. Role Play
    Don’t be afraid to get a little kinky. Role play can help your partner relax and get ready for the amazing oral sensations you’re bringing to the game. Find out just how to role play in a cool and sensual way.
  9. Preparation
    These preparation tips will help you ensure that your date nights never end in unnecessary embarrassment. Learn everything from how to set the mood in your room to how to manicure your pubes.
  10. Warnings, Common Problems & Health Considerations
    There are certain things you should be aware of when it comes to cunnilingus. This chapter will help you to stay safe so that everyone involved can enjoy the experience.

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Page 51. Chapter 2 — Female anatomy

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Page 82. Chapter 5: Female anatomy

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Page 123. Chapter 7: Variety and Positions

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A word from the author

Amy J. FillmoreGuys, I wrote this book just for you with no fluff and chocked full of actionable tips to make your girl start cumming tonight. I was inspired to share my knowledge about how to eat pussy after meeting the nicest guys in the world who were just clueless in bed. There’s really nothing sadder than meeting a guy who is afraid to eat your pussy. I realized that these guys just need a little coaching and they’re easily able to become experts in cunnilingus.

Luckily, I’ve had some seriously mind-blowing experiences with both older men (and women!) who taught me how to give and receive pleasure like a pro. I’m so thrilled to be able to share these useful tips and tricks with you to help you be the total rockstar that you deserve to be.

So, read this book with an open mind and practice, practice, practice. I guarantee that you’ll learn a ton of new tricks and your partner will be very pleasantly surprised when you try them out on her!

Get the book now $19
How to eat Pussy like a Rockstar! book cover

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book only for men?

Not at all! The book is targeted towards men because they don’t have the equipment to practice on like bisexual or lesbian women. But, that’s not to say that women can’t also learn some new tips and tricks from this book. Everyone can benefit from better pussy eating skills, so if you’re a woman, please do not feel excluded. Share this book with your loved ones, or read it yourself to learn more about your own body.

Which types of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB and PayPal.

How will this show up on my credit card, bank or PayPal statement?

We value discretion which is why your credit card, bank or PayPal statement only will show a charge to Company name

How many pages are the book?

The book is 182 pages long filled with tips and tricks on how to become a pussy eating rockstar! In order not bore anyone I tried to keep the book as short and precise as possible.

Can I read it on mobile and tablet devices?

Yep! The book is of course mobile- and tablet-friendly so you can read it on the go.

Which formats are the eBook available in?

The book is available in PDF-format.

The art of eating pussy

Learning how to eat pussy has many benefitsEating pussy is an ancient and sensual ritual that truly separates the men from the boys. All women know this, and if they haven’t come across a pussy eating rockstar yet, just give them time. After all, it could be you!

If you’re not voraciously eating up each and every pussy you encounter with the lust of 10,000 men, you’re just not doing it right. Rockstar pussy eaters know the art of savoring a pussy like a the juicy, ripe peach that it is.

You no longer need to be embarrassed that you’re not 100% sure how to make a woman cum with your mouth. You no longer need to endure those awkward post-coital moments in which you realize that you blew it—you didn’t make her cum. And most importantly, you’ll experience more call backs from girls you’ve hooked up with. If blowing a girl’s mind with consistent and the best orgasms of her life, she’s going to want to see you again and again. Learn to worship women’s bodies and be the master of their pleasure with your out of the ordinary oral techniques.

When you learn to eat pussy like a rockstar you will:

  • Experience more mind-blowing sex
  • Be surprised at your partner’s sexual appetite
  • Enjoy a happier relationship (even with your flings!)
  • Have greater confidence in yourself
  • Learn to really love pussy

Make your partner cum. It’s as simple as that.

People have been eating pussy since the dawn of time. This isn’t a new fad, but more like an ancient secret. Ancient Hindu texts say that cunnilingus can help you to transcend old age and death. Now, we’re not claiming that eating pussy like a rockstar is the secret to the fountain of youth, but it certainly doesn’t hurt! In fact, Taoist texts also relate eating pussy to achieving longevity. Though, the Taoist texts assert that you must really get in there and lick up the pussy juices to get all the benefits. Woah, who knew that ancient texts could be so…graphic? This eBook is equally graphic, but even more usable. We’ve compiled all the tips and tricks of the best pussy eating pros to show you a wide array of techniques for eating pussy and making your partner cum. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t be scared to enjoy cunnilingus

Sometimes men and women alike can be hesitant to engage in cunnilingus. Why? Men may feel intimidated to perform cunnilingus if they don’t have a lot of practice. The truth is—not all guys know what they’re doing down there. They don’t know how to eat pussy. That’s why this guide shows you how to eat pussy step by step. On the other hand, many women may be uncomfortable with their bodies, or afraid that it takes them too long to orgasm. Guys—do not let girls get away with this. It’s up to you to ensure that your partner feels comfortable, sensual and totally orgasmic. It’s up to you to know how to eat her pussy. You’re in control. Blow her freakin’ mind!

Your top cunnilingus questions answered

  • How do I turn on my partner?
  • What are the hottest foreplay moves?
  • Where do I put my hands while eating her out?
  • What kind of tongue maneuvers will make her cum?
  • How do I make my girlfriend squirt?
  • And many more!

Making women comfortable will make them more orgasmic

Making a woman comfortable is easier than you think. Women are not mystical creatures and the way to their hearts and into their pants is way easier than you may think. All women essentially want the exact same thing—they want to be treated respectfully, they want you to be sexy, they want to feel sexy, and above all, they want to cum. They want to cum a lot. Does your partner have a really low sex drive? Well, it’s up to you to make her feel sexier. Does your partner have a high sex drive that you can’t seem to match? It’s up to you to find a way to match her. You are in complete control. And this eBook will help. You’ve got this!

The secrets of the ancients are a secret no longer

Have you ever taken the time to inspect a pussy’s folds and crevices really up close? Chances are that you haven’t, as most women would probably find that really creepy. Luckily, this eBook includes some pretty graphic illustrations and photos of pussies up close and personal. You’ll learn the technical names and the more sensual slang terms for all the different parts of a woman’s vulva and vagina. You’ll know what each part does, and how it likes to be touched. In fact, you’ll learn a wide variety of ways to touch and lick various parts of the female form and it doesn’t stop with just the vagina. There are tons of hot spots all over a woman’s body that can easily be caressed to get her pussy turned on. The secrets of the ancients are a secret no longer.

Research shows that up to 80% of women orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation alone. So guys, if your woman isn’t orgasming via sex, this is the reason! Vaginal sex isn’t always enough to make a woman cum, and that’s totally normal. So what can you do to drive her wild? Eat her pussy, of course, with special attention to the clitoris. You can use your tongue, your fingers, hell even your nose! And you’ll learn exactly what to do in this definitive guide that outlines a huge variety of ways to make a girl cum.

An orgasmic woman is a happy woman

Woman orgasming from cunninlingusThere are a wide variety of techniques you can employ with your tongue, mouth, hands, and other body parts to drive your girl wild in the sack. The art of eating pussy is about creating an experience that allows your partner to ride a very slow wave of increasing arousal, which culminates in an orgasm. However, for many women, one orgasm just isn’t enough. Did you know that about 14% of women are currently enjoying multiple orgasms on a regular basis? And that number could undoubtedly be higher if more men honed the exquisite art of eating pussy. It’s actually not that difficult at all to skyrocket your partner to orgasm after orgasm. So, what are you waiting for? Learn how to eat pussy like a pro.

And it’s not just about the orgasms. Men who consistently and frequently make their women orgasm know that this improves their relationship. Now, you don’t need to be in a relationship to reap these benefits. Whether you’re getting it on with a friend with benefits, or enjoying the joys of single life, eating pussy can help your relationship. The secret to a happy relationship with little to no arguments is as simple as eating your partner’s pussy on the regular. Try it and watch your life improve—seriously!

The best positions for eating pussy

Eating pussy doesn’t have to be a neck-breaking form of torture for men, either. There are seriously tons of positions that will allow you to get a breathtaking view of your partner’s sexy bod, while also giving her all the pleasure she needs to skyrocket into orgasm heaven. Eating pussy in doggy style, for example, will allow your woman to crouch on the bed or ground to bring out her animalistic yearnings for sex. She’ll have no choice but to give in to your unrelenting licks. This is one position that will bring women back for more and more. Or, you can try out the joys of 69—a position that allows both partners to feel stimulated. This guide will also teach you tips and tricks to enjoy 69 while also not blowing your load too soon, which is a frequent buzzkill of this popular position. In fact, there are over 20 different positions in this eBook with tons of tips and tricks for making her cum again and again. Did you ever wonder how some average-looking guys get the super hot chicks? They know how to eat pussy. Period.

Cunnilingus positions covered in the eBook

  • North SOMF
  • South SOMF
  • The Dominatrix
  • And over 20 other positions you will love trying!

Even experienced cunnilingus champs can learn something new

If you’re already making your partner orgasm with the strength of a thousand men, you can still learn something new to mix up your oral sex game. It’s true, most women are able to orgasm in simple missionary position, but if that’s all you’re doing, you’re really not experiencing the heights of cunnilingus. In this eBook you’ll learn how to eat pussy using a variety of techniques, in a variety of positions, and even some kinky variations like BDSM and roleplay. Oral sex is a fascinating practice. Are you ready to see how far the rabbit hole goes? You can take it as easy or as far as you and your partner are comfortable with—and maybe even push just a bit past both your comfort levels for even higher levels of passion and ecstasy.

As a single guy who gets down with a variety of different women, you’re undoubtedly going to find that all pussies are different. Just like all women, all pussies are a unique snowflake with different personalities, looks and feels. Some women trim their bush, while others let it go free. Pussies come in all shapes, sizes, tastes and textures. If you’re a legit pussy eating rockstar, you will be able to enjoy the uniqueness of each and every one. And women will absolutely love you for this. Women are used to being treated rather badly regarding their bodies. This guide will teach you to worship women’s bodies by giving them exquisite oral orgasms, and in return women will worship you.

Learn to love eating pussy

Yes, it’s true. The art of eating pussy is really the art of loving pussy. You can’t eat pussy if you don’t love pussy. You don’t love pussy? Don’t worry. This is an acquired skill. Practice really does make perfect. This eBook is going to teach you how to absolutely adore the delicious taste of a wet pussy in your mouth. You’ll be dreaming about the smell of pussy. You’ll see a girl out in town and be able to imagine her wet texture pressed against your face. You’re going to transcend lesser men as you practice the art of loving to eat pussy. Women are going to consider you a pussy eating god. A god among men!

If you don’t know how to eat pussy, this guide can help. Maybe you’re new to the pussy eating game, or you never had the opportunity to have someone teach you how to do it just right. Either way, in this eBook you’ll learn all about female anatomy. You’ll be genuinely surprised to see how many different parts you can manipulate with your tongue to bring your partner closer to orgasm. Male anatomy is rather straightforward, but women are complex. Knowledge is power. Once you know which part is which and what you need to do, you’ll be eating pussy like a pro in no time flat. It’s actually not that difficult to eat pussy, but you do need to educate yourself to do it properly.

Learn how to work the clitoris

Of course, the ultimate piece of a woman’s anatomy is the clitoris. You’ll be absolutely shocked to learn how a clitoris works and how to find it. Finding the clitoris isn’t difficult at all once you know these expert tips and tricks. We guarantee that you’ll be able to find each and every woman’s clitoris after reading this eBook. Bring your partner’s clitoris out to play and make her cum again and again until she’s begging you to stop.

Of course, after you make your partner cum, you can move on to having vaginal sex. Every guy who really knows how to eat pussy will attest that a pussy feels 10,000x better after having orgasmed. A pussy will be super wet and juicy after you’ve licked it to multiple orgasms. Better yet, if you’ve used some advanced fingering techniques to stimulate your partner’s g-spot, she’ll be crazy lubed up and ready for your cock. As you can see, eating pussy isn’t necessarily a selfless act. By getting your partner hot and ready for sex, you’re improving sex for both of you. You will never want to go back to not eating pussy again. Once you experience the crazy pleasure of sex with a pussy that has been licked to orgasm, you’ll never go back.

Pussy eating techniques covered in the eBook

  • Around the world
  • Turning the switch
  • The rhythmic clit sucker
  • And many more techniques to keep you busy!

Find out how to stay safe when engaging in oral

There are some warnings to be aware of in the oral sex game. A variety of STDs can be contracted from performing (or receiving!) oral sex. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t engage in oral sex with a variety of partners and it also doesn’t mean that oral sex has to always be boring. In this eBook you’ll learn how to eat pussy safely for the ultimate pleasure of both partners.

The advanced techniques will blow your mind

This eBook doesn’t include run-of-the-mill techniques and positions for eating pussy. How To Eat Pussy Like A Rockstar outlines in detail the techniques and positions you’ve never heard of before. You’ve probably never tried most of these cunnilingus techniques and positions and neither have your friends. Your girlfriends or partners will be totally shocked (and pleasantly surprised!) to see that you have a very large number of tricks up your sleeve in the bedroom.

And of course, we included even spicier techniques for couples who aren’t afraid to bring out their inner kink.

Spicy ideas to try

  • BDSM
  • Anal play
  • Role play
  • And more!

Learn all the pussy eating tips and tricks today

So, why do you need this eBook? You need to learn these pussy eating secrets because you need to be eating pussy correctly. If your partner isn’t cumming at least once every time before sex, you’re not doing it right. If your partner isn’t cumming at least 5 times a week, you’re not doing it right. But absolutely every guy can learn how to eat pussy in a way that will drive all the women crazy. Women talk, you can believe that. And pussy eating pros are rather hard to come by in today’s era. So, if you blow a girl’s mind, she’s going to tell all of her friends, and they’re going to be curious. Before you know it, you’ll have your pick of all the sexiest and coolest girls in your circle of friends. You’ll be the envy of your guy friends who are undoubtedly going to ask for your secret. It’s up to you whether or not you share the secrets. Share them wisely and enjoy the awesome benefits of amazing sex. You deserve it!

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  • Boost your confidence
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Warning - this book can make you irresistible women!

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